Do you need Enterprise 2.0 or Enterprise Bookmarking?

“[C]an someone explain to me the problem Enterprise 2.0 is trying to solve?”

Dennis Howlett, Enterprise 2.0: what a crock, ZDNet August 26, 2009

At least two Enterprise 2.0 suites include enterprise bookmarking as a feature (Lotus Connections and Jive SBS). Many others provide functionalities that could be (arguably) used to replace bookmarking. – If your team needs to share bookmarks, wouldn’t it be better then to adopt a full-fledged Enterprise 2.0 application?

Here are four reasons why you should not do that:

  1. Enterprise 2.0 is a philosophy. – You must adopt the whole Weltanschauung and change your lifestyle if you want to make it work. Enterprise 2.0 is not just another software. It requires a different corporate culture. It demands that you change your work habits, internal protocols and procedures, workflows… Enterprise 2.0 is commitment. Are you ready for the commitment? Do you need it?
  2. Not everybody wants to be exposed at work in the same way as in private life. –Enterprise 2.0 assumes that social software can be seamlessly transferred from the Internet to the enterprise. This is not necessarily true. Somebody told me recently that Facebook is for friends and family – LinkedIn is for everything else. Apparently, people – including the Tweeter generation – do make difference between work and life. The resistance to change that Enterprise 2.0 brings is real.
  3. What are you looking for: knowledge management or social networking? – Better knowledge management does not necessarily imply social applications. The question is where the focus should be. Do you want to improve knowledge sharing in the enterprise, or you want to transform the corporate culture? Enterprise bookmarking is knowledge management software. Enterprise 2.0 is social software.
  4. Prefer specialist software. – Even when the bookmarking is included in an Enterprise 2.0 suite, compare it to a specialized Enterprise Bookmarking application. Bookmark sharing as a feature in an application with a wide scope is different than a full-featured Enterprise Bookmarking application. Here is one simple benchmarking criterion: does bookmarking allow you also to share your use experience? If not – keep looking for the application that does.

Out of the 14 reasons why Enterprise 2.0 fails, #3 is choosing the wrong software. – Choose your software carefully. Make sure that you are buying the best software for your needs.



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